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When most of us think of Vegas, we think of slots. Slot Machines are a fun and entertaining way for gamblers to take a break from all the casino table games and just sit down, relax, and pull the arm a few times to see what happens. And if you’re lucky, you may hit one of those massive Progressive Jackpots worth millions.

Slots is one of the most well known and most commonly played casino games not only in land based casinos, but also with online casinos.

With lot’s of variations of online slots, you can select from slots containing 3 or 5 reels. You can play online slots that includes 1 payline, as many as 20, called multi-payline slots. Most casinos offer slots, so we decided to put this resource together to help players find the best online slots casinos and possibly hit that huge jackpot.






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Online Slots Casinos

If there’s one game that players ask us about, it’s online slots. With so many variations, so many jackpots and paylines, making a decision on where to play can be challenging. Let us help you find the best online slots casinos on the Web.

A casino favorite for millions of players, we review the casinos with the top Online Progressive Slots, the widest selection of games, and explain the ins and outs for our beginning players.

Slots Online

Welcome to our Slots page where you will find all the latest information about online Slots.

Want a great Slots casino bonus? Almost all online casinos feature a large number of slots games, but our list below only includs the very best online slot casinos with the absolute best casino deposit bonuses around.

What are Progressive Jackpots?

There have been some huge progressive slots winners in the past year, with one recently hitting over $5 million after playing for about 20 minutes online. But many players are not sure what a progressive jackpot is, so we thought we would help explain. Progressive slots offer jackpots that continually increase until someone wins. So eventually, someone will win, and hopefully it will be you.

Keep in mind is that the only way to win a progressive jackpot is to bet the maximum coin. If a player hits the jackpot but does not bet the max, then the payout will be far less than what you could win.

Online Slots Bonuses

Casinos often have online casino bonuses, and some even have online slots bonuses that are specific to the slots games. That means the particular slots bonus you get can only be used on the slots at the casino and no other games. This is a great bonus offer for anyone who loves slots – and there are millions who do. So check out our top rated online slots bonuses below.

How do Onlins Slot Machines Payout

Players always ask us if they should look for certain slot machines becuase they run on cycles and they payout at a higher rate. They are due to payout sooner!

This is not the case. All Slots run off RNG’s (random number generators) which are pre programmed into every machine. With this, each and every spin is totally independent from the previous and next spin. If players consider this concept, it would be impossible for a machine to have predetermined payout cycles.

So keep this in mind when you hit the slots and don’t worry if the guy who sits down right after you hits some decent coin, it had nothing to do with you. Of course when playing online slots, you’ll be the only one going after that huge progressive jackpot, or will you?

Online Slot Variations

The number of options can be almost overwhelming to new players as there are a variety of different types of slots. Players can choose from 3 reel slot machines, 5 reel slots that include multiple payout lines, bonus slots and the ever popular progressive slots. Each online casino may have themed slot games such as Tombraider, and huge jackpots.

So pick one of the great slots casinos above, and have fun with all the different game versions you run across.

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